Industrial 5G

Webinar - Industrial 5G in the UK

8th September, 10-11:30am

5G is fast becoming a key enabler for digital transformation across the economy.
As consumer 5G has started to be rolled out, there is growing momentum and interest in sector specific 5G powered solutions as part of enterprise digitalisation.
Building off the back of the Digital Catapult Made in 5G report (July 2019) that identified challenges and opportunities of adopting the technology across the manufacturing industries, we have seen a significant increase of activities looking at Industrial 5G adoption in the UK. This has been funded both publicly (the DCMS 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme) and privately through direct industry investment to get ahead of the market. These activities are looking to move from talking about opportunities, to adopting real world solutions for industrial environments. To do this companies are working to identify the technical and operational challenges of deploying, integrating and using 5G-enabled solutions that will benefit their business and solve real-world challenges.

The speakers in this webinar will share their first hand experience, learnings, challenges and opportunities that have come from delivering some of the most significant UK activities for Industrial 5G.

Setting the scene: Industrial 5G landscape in the UK – Dr Dritan Kaleshi
Industrial 5G in DCMS 5G Testbeds and Trials programme – Joe Williams
Industrial 5G: an opportunity, challenges and the need for coordination – Dr Dritan Kaleshi
5GENCODE Project overview – Vassilis Seferidis
5GEM UK Project overview – Chris White
Ericsson’s Industrial 5G Accelerator – Iain Thornhill