Juliet Media is delighted to announce the 4th Annual 5G Week, that has become an industry focal point for the application of advanced communications technology in real world implementations.

In 2022, 5G Week is being positioned as the leading event bringing together financial and legal players to discuss large-scale deployment opportunities with the full ecosystem of operators, clients and the leading vendors delivering the world’s largest projects.

5G Week will explore the full range of advanced communications capabilities including 6G and the Metaverse in the context of large-scale real-world opportunities.

Some of the most important questions we are aiming to answer:

– Which enterprise customers and public sector leaders are seeing the opportunity to adopt private and public 5G networks? Early adopters-at-scale share their experience and lessons-learned?

– What is the optimum structure for the consortia that will be required to deliver these projects – does this change in different markets?

– How does the financing process for these very large projects work, and who are the leading players?

– What are the legal considerations – how do subsidy control, spectrum regulation, property rights and asset ownership impact the momentum in this market?

– Do wireless industry leaders see 5G and other advanced wireless projects building on the global momentum in huge fibre investment, and what are the opportunities for investors to build on their fibre holdings with gigabit-capable wireless networks?

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  • This event is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate some of this leading work to the world and bring Government and industry together with the aim of unlocking the revolutionary benefits of 5G across the economy and wider society.
    Minister for Digital, UK
  • This is shaping up to be a fantastic event and I'm excited to see more great applications for 5G and how they'll drive growth across the many sectors of the UK economy.
    Ian Smith
It felt good - and it was amazing to do it in person, good idea from you guys to do it that way. I have got some good feedback individually.

Digital Catapult
Once again thank you for the opportunity of involvement for WM5G in last week’s sessions, keen to further support post event across our channels.

I enjoyed the event and thought you handled the hybrid complexities really well

Great feedback. Thanks for having me participate and looking forward to catching up!

It was a true success and I have had a lot of positive feedback

Well put together, and thanks for all your support. Some great content!

Department for International Trade
I really enjoyed doing it. Can't wait to get back to doing it in person!

BT Sport
Well done for a great event & bringing together such a strong room together.

GameBench Labs
Great discussion even though I joined a little late.

Internet Plus Asia
I think we had a great attendance with important CSPs, such as Swisscom and Telia. I have also received very positive comments from my contacts.

IDC Europe
It was great event and I really enjoyed it. This was quite a different workshop in comparison to others I have attended. Very well managed and great audience. From the operators prospective we have a lot to catch up and things needs to be done quite fast.

Ooredoo Oman
A very successful and engaging discussion! Thanks to Juliet Media for the excellent organization and recruitment and to my fellow speakers for their well-articulated insight. It was fantastic to see and hear from the likes of Dean Bubley , Martin Creaner, Mike Short and other so-called disruptors. A lot to discuss and debate in our industry these days!

Oracle Communications